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Your NFT, Your Ownership

Buying a Phygital diamond is a simple and straightforward process.
Once you make the purchase of your NFT, a blockchain-enabled, time-stamped event transfers all diamond-related data over to you. This Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, is a digital twin of your diamond.
Once you buy your phygital diamond you can choose to have it delivered to you or you can pick it up at our office located in Amsterdam or in the Antwerp - Diamond District.
If you have any questions you can always book an appointment with Adam the Jeweler in our Diamond Penthouse located in the Metaverse.
We will be happy to answer any questions you have.
To buy a phygital diamond NFT, we recommend buying through our Showroom in the Metaverse or through OpenSea.io directly.
Click above on ENTER OUR METAVERSE and click on Diamond showroom and you will be forwarded to our Metaverse showroom.
Explore our phygital diamond collection that is available for purchase waiting to be owned by special person.
If you see a NFT that is created by us but not owned by us, this means that the diamond is already owned by another member in our club.
Don't worry about this as you can tell us your needs and we will source the best diamond and make it ready for you.
Once you purchase your Diamond NFT, you can tell us where we can sent it or you can choose to pick it up at on of our offices located in Amsterdam or in Antwerp - Diamond District.

Diamonds & Blockchain

Diamonds are unique by nature, which is why their physical identities can be recorded on the blockchain as NFTs.
Our diamonds are uniquely matched and each diamond is linked to it's digital twin on the Ethereum blockchain.
This means each diamond NFT represents the real physical diamond that the buyer will receive after purchase.
Once your diamond is on the blockchain, that record is indelible and proves your ownership to anyone who has access to the chain.This same technology makes it easy to buy a diamond using cryptocurrency and to transfer ownership of a diamond by simply entering the wallet address of the recipient without the involvement of others.

Own the NFT - Own the Diamond

Each Amsterdam Diamond Club NFT is Phygital.
This means physical and digital. Each NFT is backed by its 1-1 physical diamond, meaning that every NFT is backed up by its 1-1 physical diamond that you will receive after purchasing the NFT.
A diamond by nature is already non-fungible because there’s only one of it.
Each diamond is discretely different and has it's own digital identity, certificate number (compare it to a social security number or a fingerprint) this means that you are the only owner of the diamond you just bought.
Physically and digitally.
We don't sell any lab grown diamonds, we only sell natural diamonds that come with a certificate from the Gemstone Institute, to prove the diamond authenticity.
Certificate clarify information about the diamond like the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.
All our diamonds feature a micro-laser inscription applied to the edge of the diamond.
This diamond laser inscription identifies the diamond and connects it to its unique diamond certificate and its NFT. The certificate number appears microscopically and is engraved on the outer girdle of the diamond.
This laser inscription gives you a unique way of linking the certificate report and NFT to the diamond itself.



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